Happy Sunday! This is The Giveaway Roundup weekly update.We love giveaways!

First, I want to give a huge thank you (and you should, too) to everybody that’s been adding giveaways to the link up! You are wonderful people helping to make the giveaway list that much better!

I just cleaned up the list by deleting expired giveaways. I feel terrible that I’ve not been able to get on there every day to update expired giveaways as ENDED as I like to do. I am really hoping when May rolls around my real life with get back to or closer to normal. My big time killer right now (among other things) is working on a complete remodel at my parents house, which is getting close to being completed so it can go on the market. Hallelujah! It’s leaving me physically and mentally exhausted. Well, enough of my little pity party!

Now, because I’ve not had the spare time to give The Giveaway Roundup the attention it so deserves, the giveaway for this month is going to be just for those that add crafty giveaways to the link up. Every link you add is an entry. The more links, the more entries! Anybody can add giveaways to the link up and it’s easy. I’ll put together a nice prize package for the winner, which will of course include fabric! I know I also owe you guys the names of the two winners for the March giveaway. That will be soon. I appreciate your patience.

So, don’t forget this is a collaborative giveaway list. You can add any crafty giveaways you come across that aren’t already listed at any time.

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Now for your viewing pleasure, here’s the updated giveaway list. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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